We work in a changing business environment
В наши дни компании работают в многофакторной, слабопредсказуемой, меняющейся бизнес-среде.
Мы помогаем вам развивать способность вашего бизнеса к устойчивому росту.
We work in a changing business environment
Nowadays companies operate in a complex, unpredictable and ever changing business environment.
Working with you we increase your business capacity for sustainable high-performance.
We focus on organisations as social interactions
Мы видим организации, в первую очередь, как системы взаимоотношений между людьми.

Качество этих взаимоотношений – один из ключевых факторов, определяющих потенциал роста организации.
Совместно с вами мы создаём благоприятную среду для самореализации людей.
We focus on organisations as social interactions
We see organisations, first, as social interactions between the people working in them.

The quality of these relationships is one of the key drivers for the growth potential of an organisation.
Working with you we create the environment where your people can realize their potential.
We activate an organisation’s potential for change
Аналогично процессу клеточного обновления в человеческом организме или дрейфу континентов изменения являются частью нашей жизни и, в частности, жизни организаций.

Потенциал к изменениям заложен внутри самой организации.
Совместно с вами мы создаём условия для максимизации устойчивости и прибыльности вашего бизнеса.
We activate an organisation’s potential for change
Similarly to the process of cellular renewal in a human body or the drift of continents, change is an inherent part of our lives, and the lives of organisations in particular.

Organisations have an inherent potential for change.
Working with you we create the conditions for maximising sustainability and profitability of your business.
Change as a possibility
«Единственный способ предсказать будущее – это его создать»

Питер Друкер
Change as a possibility
“The only way to predict the future is to create it"

Peter Drucker

About us

How can we develop a high-performing business relevant to tomorrow and make our organisation and people thrive sustainably?
What will help us to make strategic change happen? How do we best motivate and develop ourselves and our teams? What can we do to feel good and aligned with our inner-selves in spite of everyday pressures?

We are an organisational and leadership development consultancy that supports business leaders and entrepreneurs in their development and change initiatives at a corporate or personal level.
Our unique value proposition is in: (A) providing our clients with comprehensive insight into their organisationan’s well-being and people’s potential: by digital organisational health diagnostics, talent assessment and expertise, helping to define key action areas to increase growth with particular focus on people and culture; (B) designing & delivering organisational and leadership development solutions; (C) supporting change process with our change management expertise, coaching, health tracking and PMO capability for a long-lasting value.

We believe in holistic consulting where we pay attention to aligning all key parts of the organisation – from vision and strategy to culture and people. We perceive organisations as sailing ships – a balance of all key parts is crucial for confident navigation and performance.

Our work is grounded in transdisciplinary approach that blends hands-on business knowledge, organisational psychology, latest adult learning concepts with the client’s strategic agenda and real business context. We love creativity and innovation and create “mind meets heart” solutions that maximise organisation potential for self-development and learning.

  • Zurich

    If you are looking for a professional and dynamic partner to help you address your needs in your organisational, leadership or self-development initiatives, we will be interested to discuss your needs and offer you our capabilities to help you address them. Our Zurich office can also support you if you have an intention to invest in a new market or have already stepped into the Swiss or European markets. Leveraging our high-quality partners network and our experience in business development we can help you and your company to make key initial steps in the new location successful. We work with Russian companies and entrepreneurs to assist them in their establishment in the Swiss and European market. For Swiss companies we offer assistance in entering the Russian market.

    For more details about our Business Development services please refer here: Business Development Services For more information about our services in organisational change and leadership development please refer to ‘Services’

    We are interested in learning more about your needs and offer you our capabilities. Should you be interested please get in touch with us: ‘Contacs’.

  • London

    If you are looking for an independent, dynamic, results and people oriented partner for your organisational and leadership development initiatives, get in touch with us. We are interested in understanding your needs and challenges, and we offer you our capabilities to help you address them.

    For more information about our services please follow this link “Services”


Anna Sagalova
Founding Partner

“Change always presents us an opportunity.”

Anna’s core professional objective is to support clients in developing mindfulness about themselves and their environment, strengthening their capabilities for sustainable development and results achievement in spite of the challenges presented by the business environment.

Maria Gray
Founding Partner

“Change becomes possible if we have the courage to challenge the existing status quo.”

Building trust-based relationships and supporting organisations in development of their potential for innovation are the key priorities in Maria’s work.

Cesar Ulloa
Associate Consultant

“We don’t actually change, we just adapt our practices and behaviors to the context/environment around us.”
Expert and seasoned professional in Business Improvement and Change Management Cesar brings the analytical approach to organisational diagnostics and practical experience in change implementation.

Sabina Kulieva
Associate Coach

As an executive coach and trainer Sabina specializes in leadership and emotional competence development

Mikhail Klarin
Associate Coach

“I support balance and alignment of Leaders in situations of challenge.”

Mikhail is an executive coach and organizational consultant, and a recognized opinion leader in business/corporate coaching industry…

Christian Erhard
Associate Coach

“Real personal development means acknowledging who you already are.“”
As a former Chief Marketing Officer, Christian brings a wealth of business expertise. As executive coach he focuses on career development and managing change.



Organisational Change


  • Organisational Well-being consulting: diagnostics, development and monitoring of your organisation or business unit health to maximise your business and people potential
  • Change consulting with focus on people and culture
  • Corporate culture transformations
  • Post M&A integrations of teams and cultures
  • Overcoming team crises
  • Business conflicts mediation
  • Organisational communication improvement
  • Maximising strategy sessions results
  • Group supervisions for coaches and organisation development consultants

Leadership Development

  • Systemic Team Coaching
  • Facilitation and group coaching
  • Executive assessment, coaching, mentoring
  • Executives transition and integration
  • Succession planning
  • Leadership retreats:blending organisation, team and personal development
  • Development of high potentials and Talent Management
  • Career development coaching
  • Supervision for coaches and organisation development consultants


  • “Change as a possibility – effective change implementation”
  • “Leader as Coach and Change Agent”
  • “Leadership development retreats – blending organisation, team and individual development”
  • “Transforming a team crisis into grow opportunity”
  • “Internal entrepreneurship development”
  • “Internal business-partnership”
  • “Corporate values system as an eco-system for realisation of individual and organisational potential”
  • “Personal branding for professionals and entrepreneurs”
  • “Coaching skills for life and business”
  • “Cross-cultural adaptation for executives”
  • “The Art of Influencing”



Organisational Change Methodology

The global research shows that 70% of all organisational change initiatives were considered by organisations as ineffective. Different researchers and practitioners name various reasons for such low success rates.

Based on our experience, we would suggest the following factors to be among the key ones:

  • Senior leaders focus on changing primarily the “formal organisation” not giving enough consideration to the change needed in an organisation’s members behaviour, traditional models of interaction, beliefs systems etc.
  • Leaders do limited work on the adaptation of their own leadership style and behaviour. “Do what you are preaching”!
  • Failure to think enough about the strategy for dealing with resistance to change and organisational team(s) group dynamics.
  • Lack of implementation risks monitoring system and clear criteria for monitoring the progress of the change process.
  • Limited research of alternative ways for achieving the desired change objectives.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one most adaptable to change.”(attributed to Charles Darwin)

We have developed our own leadership development and organisational change methodologies. At the core of both methodologies is a thorough attention to external (environmental) as well as internal factors, shaping organisation (or leaders) life and change potential.

We always customize our methodology to the needs and situation of our clients. Our aim is to develop the most effective and efficient change process in cooperation with the client – to assist you in achievement of the change goals and enhancement of organisation learning capabilities.

Please get in touch with us to learn more about our methodologies. We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information and discuss the opportunities for collaboration.

  • Our instruments

    Our instruments include:

    • Systemic Team Coaching (Renewal Associates, P. Hawkins)
    • Organisational Health Diagnostics (by HammerResults)
    • Appreciative Inquiry (David Cooperrider)/li>
    • The Science of Happiness at Work (iOpener Institute)/li>
    • Action learning (Reginald Revans et al)/li>
    • Clean Language Coaching and Facilitation/li>
    • Creation of the corporate narrative/li>
    • Values-based Leadership concept/li>
    • Hogan Assessment Suite/li>
    • MBTI assessment/li>
    • Lumina Spark Personality assessment
    • Work Place Big 5 (Centacs)
    • FIRO-B (CPP)
    • Belbin’s Team Roles
    • 360D Feedback
    • Structured interview

    Please get in touch with us to learn more about our methodologies. We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information and discuss the opportunities for collaboration.

  • Organisational Change


  • Leadership Development




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