New strategy

You have developed a new strategy, but something hinders its implementation?

We will begin with a joint analysis of the key factors contributing to the implementation of the strategy and whether they are currently present in the company, such as:

• Involvement in strategy development of people at different levels of the organisation;
• Understanding of the developed strategy by people in the company;
• Adaptability and innovativeness of the company’s corporate culture;
• Presence of factors that motivate people to implement the new strategy;
• Availability of resources / skills to realise the strategy;
• Top management’s support and involvement in the development and implementation of the strategy;
• Alignment of the organisational structure and business processes with the new strategy;
• Alignment of the existing culture and values with the new strategy.

At the next stage we work with you on the implementation of the strategy and its alignment with the organisational culture and the necessary business infrastructure. We act as facilitators of this process.

We help organisations to create new patterns of behaviour, patterns which contribute to the creation of the organisational climate that minimises resistance to change and increases people’s motivation to interact in ways that help in achieving the strategic goals of the company.

In addition to helping in the implementation of an already developed strategy, we can work with you on facilitating strategy development and creation of a platform for its implementation.

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