Re-branding crisis

Have you faced increased competition in the market and changing consumer preferences? Have you invested in the development of a new brand concept to achieve a competitive advantage? Despite your efforts, does something hinder the desired change in the perception of your company in the market?

In our opinion, the corporate culture of an organisation is a key factor in determining its viability and competitiveness. Even the newest, close to perfection brand concept, aimed at changing the external image of the company, may not allow an organisation to achieve the desired change in market’s perception. This change is unlikely to happen if unchanged remains the corporate culture – the values, beliefs and people’s behaviours, such as style of building and developing relationships with company’s customers and partners.

Corporate culture is a synthesis of values, meanings, and the “rules of the game”, resulting from the interaction between people in an organisation. The nature of this interaction and the accepted models of behaviour is what represent the organisational culture.

We support you in making explicit the current corporate culture, in paying attention to what is currently customary, or what is the status quo in your organisation. Together we inquire into how the current “state of affairs” helps or hinders the desired change in the perception of your brand. We conduct our joint inquiry into corporate culture using a variety of diagnostic tools. We involve people at the different levels of the organisation because the inquiry process itself is the beginning of change.

Building on our inquiry, we help you to decide on the next steps required to achieve the desired result, and we support you in the further implementation through:
• Facilitation of group discussions at different levels of the organisation, including shareholders;
• Group coaching;
• Individual Coaching;
• Leadership development workshops (in case there are any skills gaps).

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