Business restructuring

Do you plan business restructuring: how to make sure that people in the organisation support this process?

We help the shareholders and top management to clarify the objectives and expected results of the restructuring process. We work together with you to decide which areas will require extra focus, taking into account strategic objectives of the organisation, its current position in the market and the existing organisational culture. We also support you in determining the presence of relevant internal expertise and the need for an external one.

In most cases any process of restructuring creates resistance in organisations. Together we model a new scenario (do reframing) in a way that switches people’s focus from the negative aspects of the restructuring to the potential opportunities related to it.

In rolling-out the restructuring process we work with you, in particular in the following areas:

• Joint development of positive scenarios, creating a vision of the outcome of the restructuring process (Appreciative Inquiry *);
• Preparation of a transparent communication within the company and externally (explaining what is being restructured and how, what will happen and why);
• Creating a motivational framework for improving people’s engagement in the restructuring process;
• Establishing a network of change agents at various levels in an organisation and training them;
• In situations when restructuring is accompanied by large-scale personnel dismissals, we support managers in developing a model of communication/ behaviour that helps to ensure that you part with people on a constructive note;
• Identification of key employees and opportunities for retaining them, in particular by providing additional opportunities for their career development.

* David Cooperraider

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