Does your business need innovative ideas? Would you like to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit of your management team and employees of the organisation?
Are the people in your organisation encouraged to discuss new initiatives that could potentially disturb the existing status quo?

Are your people allowed to make a mistake in taking a risk and trying to implement a new idea?

How prescriptive is your organisational culture?

What motivates your people for innovation?

Does the company have a thought-through system of KPIs, encouraging an innovative approach?

Together we will explore the above questions and encourage you to pay attention to the patterns of behaviour accepted in your organisation.

Through the facilitation of group discussion, group and individual coaching, as well as, where appropriate, through the use of a number of diagnostic tools, we help you to explore the current situation. Involvement of people at different levels in an organisation in this cooperative inquiry is the first step in releasing organisation’s inherent potential for innovation. Building on this inquiry, we support your organisation in adopting new behaviours that support the entrepreneurial spirit in the company habitual.

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