Enhancement of management processes

Your business has grown, and there is a need to manage the transition from “family-like”, “manual” management to establishing transparent mechanisms for the management of your company?

We conduct a joint inquiry into current processes of managing your company, and by doing so explore how these processes need to change in order to support the needs of your expanded business. We help you to identify the factors that are necessary for a successful transition to a new management system, including an analysis of:
• “Formal organisation” (organisational structure, reward system, job descriptions, etc.)
• “Informal organisation” (patterns of behaviour, social interactions within the organisation, informal leadership etc.)

Together we investigate whether internal expertise is sufficient to implement the necessary changes to the existing processes or whether external expertise is required.

If necessary, we help you in the selection of external experts to work with the “formal organisation”, we help you to form a project team and carry out project management.

We work with you to create and establish transparent management processes supporting your growth needs, while helping your organisation to keep and build on the entrepreneurial spirit and creative potential, often inherent in organisations with more “family-like” corporate culture.

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