About us

How can we develop a high-performing business relevant to tomorrow and make our organisation and people thrive sustainably?
What will help us to make strategic change happen? How do we best motivate and develop ourselves and our teams? What can we do to feel good and aligned with our inner-selves in spite of everyday pressures?

We are an organisational and leadership development consultancy that supports business leaders and entrepreneurs in their development and change initiatives at a corporate or personal level.
Our unique value proposition is in: (A) providing our clients with comprehensive insight into their organisationan’s well-being and people’s potential: by digital organisational health diagnostics, talent assessment and expertise, helping to define key action areas to increase growth with particular focus on people and culture; (B) designing & delivering organisational and leadership development solutions; (C) supporting change process with our change management expertise, coaching, health tracking and PMO capability for a long-lasting value.

We believe in holistic consulting where we pay attention to aligning all key parts of the organisation – from vision and strategy to culture and people. We perceive organisations as sailing ships – a balance of all key parts is crucial for confident navigation and performance.

Our work is grounded in transdisciplinary approach that blends hands-on business knowledge, organisational psychology, latest adult learning concepts with the client’s strategic agenda and real business context. We love creativity and innovation and create “mind meets heart” solutions that maximise organisation potential for self-development and learning.