Katya Anthony

Ekaterina Anthony

  Ekaterina has 15 years plus experience in sales and business development management. From 2010 to 2015 Ekaterina has held the role Global Business Director role for RTS Exchange and subsequently after merger of RTC and MICEX Exchanges she was Director of International sales for Moscow Exchange based in Zurich and London. Ekaterina has held responsibility for overall business development of the Moscow Exchange with particular focus on achieving the financial goals set for the equities and derivatives trading segments within the Euroрearn/UK regions. She has played an integral role in the success of Moscow Exchange business development working with Buy/Sell side, partners and vendors as well as internally with IT, the Russian depository and Business stream leads. Her financial services background has a strong component of energy benchmarking, particularly in the former Soviet Union where Ekaterina From 2001 to 2009, was in charge of energy consultancy projects. For almost 5 years, in the capacity of Regional Business Manager, Ekaterina have been managing the Russian/CIS/Baltic Representation of the devision of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Platts. She successfully developed and implemented the local Platts business strategy, including; marketing, communications and market analysis. She did this by establishing and maintaining key partnerships with local and global institutions, regulators and the identified and realisation of specific commercial opportunities. She led and implemented critical projects, as well as managing and training local teams. At her time with the energy consulting firm RPI,inc, Ekaterina directed the successful development of a new conference business and efficient marketing of new corporate products; developed marketing and sales campaigns for public events and publishing products; organised a large Conference & Marketing Departments; managing day-to-day activities and taking responsibilkity for the professional growth of marketing/sales personnel; Ekaterina has extensive experience of Russia (FSU) which is complemented by a borad network of experience across Europe. Accordingly, She has comprehensive experience of transitioning businesses and functions to fit different cultures and market segments. Ekaterina native Russian speaker, fluent in English, and is comfortable in French and German. She is an Economics graduate with an MBA in finance management from California State University.

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